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China trained expert acupuncturist with 30+ years experience

“I have found what works…….”

—By justin l.


Facial Palsy before tx

Facial Palsy after tx







Facial Palsy patient before and after treatment



Real people reviews for Hong Liu L.Ac. T.C.M.P.

Nahid Taheri

★ Thank you Dr. Jenny . My Sciatica pain is gone and my lower back pain is getting much better. I feel much better on my knee pain.
Erick Armenta

★ Bueno antes q todo buenas tardes medio un parálisis facial y tome medicamento y se muchas cosas y nada me alludo pero me isieron acupultura y eso me alludo mucho mi cara esta perfecta otra ves Grasias ala acopultura. Yo recomiendo que la gente agarre acopultura es muy buena más con la doctora Liu
Cam the Mayor

I had a lot of digestive issues including loss of appetite and IBS caused by stress and bad nerves when I was having depression and lack of interest in life. After the very first session I felt better, and gained my appetite back the next day. After only a few sessions, my depression began to lift and I am feeling more like my self. This worked when nothing else did, not even prescription antidepressants. Now I am very happy after my treatments for Dr. JENNY and her wonderful acupuncture expertise. I highly recommend her services.
Dr Jenny helped me with a 12-day migraine & nausea in one session!! She was great to see me after hours & the price is reasonable
Raymundo Rivera

I have sciatica and back pain, I went to see dr jenny for ancupuncture treatment , she’s is very gental and nice , I feel much better after the treatment. Thank you very much.
I had lower back pain in my left lumber area, my friend recommended me to try acupuncture, l felt a lot better after first session. After two sessions the pain was gone completely. It’s a majic treatment!
Sally Bentz

My husband took me to see her for my birthday and I have come twice. I slept really well both times and my husband said I looked better/more relaxed. I still have tightness and pain do to stress in my face/jaw/back, but it feels looser. We will be coming back.
Phung Nguyen

I had very bad nick pain for 8 years, I have tried a lot acupuncture treatment in the past years but those treatments didn’t help me too much. I’m lucky, finally I found Dr liu I’m so excited that my pain got a lot Better after her treatment. I highly recommend her
I have had neck pain and headaches for years but after my accupuncture treatment I have had much relief and very few headaches. The pressure and tension was gone almost immediately! She also provided relief to my 5yr old after 1 time of accupuncture for his headaches! Would recommend to anyone needing relief. I also had a session for insomnia and sleep so much better now!

Jennifer Ho

I caught the flu/cold this season with a terrible cough, and tried many Chinese herbal medicine without effect. However, after acupuncture with Dr. Liu and taking her prescribed Chinese medicines, my cough symptoms and sinus problems were greatly relieved! I highly recommend going to see Dr. Liu.

My neck and shoulder was terrible painful. My friend refer me come to the office. Jenny have me acupuncture 3 time , I feel a lot better. I want come more time , because she is very nicely ,good , I feel comfortable. I refer my friend and my family too .

Energy Splash

★ I had a pain in my knee left knee for about 10 years and I come to acclaim Acupuncture And this is the second time and I feel great a lot lot better I recommend it highly Try it you’re going to feel great

My son had very bad stomach ache last Friday,it was hard to get scheduled with our family doctor, I took him to try acupuncture,Dr Liu is very gentle and experienced .treatment was very effective , only one session it took the pain away, I highly recommend acclaim acupuncture,it’s great!!

Satheesh Narasimman

Felt instantly better with my Allergy. Acupuncture treated what conventional medicine did not.


I’ve seen Jenny for pain from a car accident. She’s really helped my pain! She is kind and professional

I like that she’s also an MD. Very knowledgeable and serious.

Ron Hawkins

I had carpel tunnel in both of my wrists. Unable to type 15mins without being in massive pain. Kaiser set me up for Invasive Surgery but next appointment was 2 months away. So, I went to see Jenny and…… one week later, I felt like I had New Hands. Haven’t had a problem since. Now, I’m going back tomorrow for acupuncture on my feet. Toes currently having Nerve Pain but not to long. Thanks Jenny!!!

Angeli Temps

I’ve suffered from a chronic headache, low back pain, shoulder pain, and insomnia for a long time. However, I don’t like to take the western medicines or any medicines because I am afraid of the chemical side effects in my body since I have only one kidney. I heard of Jenny Hong Liu for her expertise in acupuncture and thought of giving it try on the alternative method to see if I could relief all the symptoms I have had. So, I went for a session of acupuncture with Jenny Hong Liu. And OMG, it works! Just with an initial session of acupuncture that Jenny Hong Liu performed on me, I’ve felt relieved. The pain and tension in my head, back and shoulders were gone. I was able to sleep throughout the night. THANK YOU, Jenny Hong Liu, for your skillful acupuncture treatment! Since these are chronic symptoms, I definitely come back to Hong for following-up sessions with hope to uproot the cause of my headache and pain in my body, so that I can enjoy life longer.

John Washkevich

Quality 3 / 3

I was 3 days away from flying over to Singapore in coach class and I had pinched a nerve in my lower back to the point I could not walk at times. I was very hesitant to try acupuncture, but was in EXTREME pain. Dr. Lui was very understanding and helpful. After (2) 45 minute sessions my back felt great! I made the trip with no discomfort and to date my back has never felt better. Dr. Lui is a straight professional, and a godsend! Highly recommend her!! I applaud you Dr. Lui, thank you!

Mariola From San Jose

Quality 3 / 3

I went to Dr.Jenny because for over a year I suffered of extreme fatigue and chronic muscular pain. After 3 months of weekly sessions and different herbs my energy level returned to normal. Gradually my muscle pain started to decrease as well. Dr. Jenny is a skillful doctor and a caring person. Highly recommended.

samir brozovic

Quality 3 / 3

I was treated by Dr. Liu, for my allergies and after a couple of sessions I felt much better and I was very happy with the treatment. I never used acupuncture before and I was kind of suspicious but now after trying it, I highly recommend it for anybody for any medical issue. Thank you Dr. Liu.


A Surprise Visit


Happy mom brings baby conceived with infertility treatment over

to say thanks to Hong Liu L.Ac.

A Google User

Overall 3 / 3

Dr. Liu has been extremely effective in treating athletic injuries with several athletes, including myself. I have had very good results with typical sports-related injuries, including muscle strains and extreme muscle tightness which leads to further injuries. I highly recommend Dr. Liu for athletes in all sports, including high school student-athletes.

A Google User

Overall 3 / 3

I had severe shoulder and back pain after I had my second child, I could not take pain medication because I am nursing my baby, I went to see Dr Liu for help. my shoulder pain and my back pain got relieved after a few treatments, now I’m pain free ! because I also had low volume milk production, she also helped me for this situation. I recommend her to other people who have similar medical issues.

A Personal Review

“Acclaim Acupuncture is the best! Jenny helped me get (and stay) pregnant after 2 losses and much trouble that Traditional Western Medicine didn’t help with. Jenny is now a friend to me, not just my acupuncturist. Highly recommend!


Baby HSarah HIliana












Very happy to have my first baby! 





Insider Page Reviews for Acclaim Acupuncture

★★★★★Acupuncture and Chinese medicine helped me get pregnant

Carnation P.

I had been trying to get pregnant for the last three years but due to hormonal imbalance and irregular periods, it was very hard for me to conceive. I was put on medications by my fertility doctor for the last couple years to regulate menstruation so that I could conceive,
but had no success. I was also told that if the medication did not help, then I would have to go with the very expensive IVF treatment to get pregnant.
I finally decided to try an alternative treatment and met with Hong Liu. It was the first time I was going through an acupuncture treatment and Chinese medicine, but Hong Liu made me feel very comfortable. She was very caring and understanding and told me that she would treat the root cause of my problem – the hormonal imbalance and that would put my whole system in order.
It was just three months of acupuncture treatment with Hong Liu and I was extremely thrilled to find out that I had conceived! Even my fertility doctor was pleasantly surprised!
I did not have to go through any artificial methods to get pregnant.
It was only Hong Liu’s Chinese medicine and her acupuncture
treatment that helped me conceive.
I have recently given birth to a healthy Baby boy and am enjoying
motherhood thoroughly! Thanks to Hong Liu! I would highly recommend her to anyone with similar health issues.

February 18, 2011

★★★★★ bronchial spasm relief

Yeshe Y.

I had my most recent bout of asthma from pollen allergy three days ago, and finally agreed to Hong Liu’s recommendation on getting tracheal acupuncture. My previous treatments as per my request had always been with powdered herbs, I also purchased an OTC epinephrine inhaler separately. When I got the treatment today, the inserted tracheal needle immediately released the spasms I had in my bronchi, much like a lock dropping open when the key is inserted and turned, this tracheal needle was removed within 15 seconds. Hong Liu then inserted two side needles around the area above the lower sternocleidomastoid muscle insertion and left them in for 1/2 hour to reduce the secretions; they felt like fish bone stuck in my throat when I tried to swallow my saliva, but this feeling dissipated after 5 minutes, most probably from the stuck energy having been mostly drained away by then. I now wish I had gone at the start of the asthma attack, so that my bronchial mucosa would not have been damaged by the constant swelling from the pollen irritant and forced shrinkage with the epinephrine inhaler, the spasms were not even completely relieved by the inhaler. I now only have a little bit of rales and rhonchi left, I know these will disappear within three days time once my bronchial mucosa heals up on its own.

February 16, 2011

★★★★★ No More Pain

Marci P.

Hong Liu has helped me with chronic migraine headaches. I have had them for years. I have been to Stanford and many Dr’s for treatment. After several acupuncture treatments they have disappeared and have stayed away! I am a Hong Liu fan and will continue to receive maintenance treatment for my overall well-being and health.

September 19, 2010

★★★★★ Acupunture works

Tina s.

I have been treated by Hong Liu for my neck and both lower and up back injury due to my rear ended car accident back in April 12, 2009. My lower back now feels great after the acupuncture treatment. My neck pain feel better each time after acupuncture treatment.

September 11, 2010

★★★★★ treatment helped me

sai w.

I have chronic back pain and it seems massage and some
pain medications do not work very well, but after only one
acupuncture treatment, it helps me a lot, I feel almost no pain,
I recommend other people who have same situation to try Acupuncture !

July 10, 2010


great treatment

Claudia T.

have bad urination problems for almost 10 years, my stomach and my kidney is very weak, it make me irregular urination every time after I drink water.
I went to see Hong Liu ,I can see significant improvement after each treatment, now my urination problem is healed . I’m so glad with all improvement from her treatment.

treatment help me

yazmin f.


yazmin f.

San Jose, CA
2/6/2010 i have frequent headaches and nervous ness for a while i whent to see Hong, right after the first trentment my symptoms got a lot relief almost gone and the herb medecine make me more relax help me
sleep very well , thanks Hong

Acclaim Acupuncture has helped me

melissa r.


After 5 sessions with Hong’s acupuncture treatment my neck and back pain is gone and my headaches have disappeared. My sleeping has also improved. Thanks.


By Carlyn B.

Ive been suffering from anxiety and depression for the past 10 years. After going to Hong Liu for acupuncture, I began to feel better after 3 sessions. Because of her, I did not have to go back on my anti depressants. I highly recommend Hong Liu.

Posted 09/10/09

By sean o.

I have had bad back pain for nearly 2 years now and I have tried just about everything. I am new to Acupuncture but I am getting great results. Hong Liu is great.

Posted 09/04/09


By Christina P.

Before trying acupuncture, I had been to several doctors regarding infertility and hormonal imbalance. None of these doctors seemed to know or care about what was wrong with me. However, it was completely different with Hong Liu. She showed genuine concern for my health. She always took her time and truly listened to me. Throughout my treatment, Hong Liu demonstrated an enormous wealth of knowledge within the field of acupuncture and herbal remedies. She is extremely hardworking, professional, clean, and really cares for all her patients. If it wasn’t for the outstanding care I received, I would not have the beautiful daughter I have today.

Posted 08/23/09


Acclaim Acupuncture is helpful

By Thac P.

I had skin drug allergies that had severe redness and itching. After acupuncture and Chinese traditional herbs, my skin drug allergies were gone after 2 sessions. This is a very effective method of treating my skin condition using natural herbs with acupuncture.

Posted 08/10/09

Acclaim Acupuncture is awesome!

By Maria V.

I had surgery about 5 months prior to coming to this facility and have to say I’m pretty amazed. I had surgery on my right shoulder and after closing my case out still had issues so I decided to take a friend up on his suggestion and go to acupuncture. With the personal care with the appointment I felt at home and safe to continue with the treatment. After two treatments I had feeling in my hand again and left with no shoulder pain. I would suggest this to any and everyone!

Posted 08/08/09

By Himanshu V.

Since having injured my lower back in a fall in 1996 and through the back surgery in 1999, I have been in constant pain, unable to enjoy full night sleep due having to take pain killers, do stretches, apply pain relieving cream and or pain relieving patches on my back in the middle of the night, most nights. I always woke up in the morning with the pain in my lower back

In 2009, Hong Liu treated me with acupuncture after which for the first time in 13 years, I am able to sleep all night and wake up in the morning without any pain. The pain has miraculously vanished almost overnight. I found Hong Liu to be very gentle in her acupuncture treatment.

Posted 08/06/09

acclaim acupuncture is great!

By Erin D.

My first experience with acupuncture, I was treated for morning sickness and after my first treatment I felt much better. I have been sick for several weeks and am relieved that the sickness is gone. I would highly recommend for anyone that has the same thing!

Posted 07/27/09

Acclaim Acupuncture is very helpful.

By Karla M.

I visited Hong Liu for a cronic pain on my knees, after a few visits the pain has disappeared. I also saw her for my lower back pain, and it feels that the pain improves with each visit. I also got treatment for a sinus infection it helped with the pressure that i was feeling. I strongly recommend her.

Posted 07/23/09

Acclaim Acupuncture is helping me live a healthy life

By Dralene G.

I had some health issues. Through my sister I was referred to Hong Liu. After consultation and treatment my symptoms were no longer there. I am now a firm believer of Chinese medicine.

User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

by birdnerd


I’m a believer!: After two rounds of antibiotics and using an inhaler to treat bronchitis, I decided to try an Eastern approach to treating my illness.

After a thorough evaluation of my symptoms, she said my Qi was weak. Initially I was a bit skeptical, as I relied on Western medicine my entire life.

Even after just one treatment of acupuncture, I noticed a significant improvement, especially with muscle aches and pains.

I highly recommend Hong Liu’s acupuncture and herbal treatments!


San Jose, CA


My mother had a lower back pain and we sought Hong Liu’s assistance and WOW what a difference her treatment made!

My mother now feels much better thanks to Hong Liu, i recommend her for anyone who is interested in her treatment program.


By Richard T.

I had a very persistent flu which was causing me a bit of problem, and a friend referred me to Hong Liu. Her treatment was a very effective treatment and I was back on my feet soon after. I think she possesses a strong mastery of the acupuncture arts, and she is known in my circle as the person to go to for her expertise in this area.

Posted 06/15/09

acclaim acupuncture is great!


I have Meniere’s disease which one of the symptoms is vertigo and becoming very ill. With the treatments from Hong Liu I have not had vertigo since last November 2008 and am able to have a normal life where before it was very debilitating. Now I do not have vertigo and nausea anymore. I would recommend Hong Liu to anyone who has Meniere’s or others type of problems.

Posted 06/13/09

Hong Liu is fantastic!!

By Petie W.

I highly, highly recommend Hong Liu!! The reasons are: she is clearly well educated and her application of acupuncture and herbal medicine is incredibly effective; she is very accessible; and finally, she is kind and compassionate. I had contact dermatitis from clothes washed in a strong detergent. It quickly became so bad that I was in an agony of itchiness, with hot welts on my skin. I had several insect bites that exacerbated the problem. I had been using topical OTCs, as recommended by my doctor, however, shortly after seeing my doctor I my condition continued to escalate. I decided to call Hong Liu. She used acupuncture and herbal medicine. After the first herbal tea, the terrible itching stopped. The next day the swelling and redness reduced. Hong Liu changed the herbs each visit, to accommodate the improvements. I have had 3 visits and there is only a shadow of pink left where I had had red welts. This took about 1.5 weeks. My Western doctor was very impressed with the results Hong Liu had with Chinese medicine, and is now very interested trying Chinese medicine herself.

Posted 06/06/09



have suffered from headaches a long time ago. On the first session the doctor analyzed my symptoms correctly and provided me with the treatment. When I was in the treatment I felt comfortable, relax, and I felt she really knew what she was doing. I immediately felt the difference. My headache is gone right away and I feel more relaxed. I definitely want to recommend Hong Liu if you want to use acupuncture as an alternative treatment.

Posted 06/03/09

acclaim acupuncture is great!

By justin l.

Justin l. 4/27/2009 I was in a very bad car accident 10 years ago causing me severe pain in my lower back and arthritis in my lower back as well. The pain always bothers me and I have tried many pain killers but they do not work well. Recently I tried acupuncture and it worked amazingly. I never thought that acupuncture would take any amount of my pain away, but it is amazing how well it does work. Now I would not try anything else for my pain, I have found what works.

Posted 04/27/09


By Lindsey L.

I have suffered from severe allergies since I was 13; I’m pushing twenty five now. The older I’ve gotten the worst they have gotten. At 23 I was diagnosed with asthma. In March of 2008 my allergies and asthma were out of control. I was already seeing an amazing specialist and on several medications but it wasn’t enough. My Chinese tutor told me that acupuncture is amazing and I had gotten more into natural health. I was in but I had to find someone. I did an extensive on-line search and found Hong Liu’s name. She didn’t have many reviews but all the ones on her were amazing.

I found out that my insurance would not pay but I called and found out Hong Liu charges sixty dollars. So I gave it a try. On my first visit Hong Liu got an extensive medical history on me. Including medications I’ve taken, prior surgeries and why I came to see her. She evaluates your health and takes the proper steps in helping you. She always ask if you are ok or in pain. She always tries to make you feel better each time and ensure that her treatment for you is working and improving your health.

I had to stop treatment last year because I couldn’t afford it. However last summer my allergies issues were bad but not nearly as bad as before I received acupuncture. This year again the start of spring I was having migraines everyday from allergies, asthma attacks and general allergy symptoms. I don’t care how much it costs I had to go back. I’ve seen Hong Liu 3 times in the past 3 weeks and I already feel worlds better. Hardly any migraines or allergy related pain. She also gave me free Chinese herbs to help with my issues.

I would highly recommend Hong Liu. She knows her stuff, she’s not pushy and she is really understanding. She cares about your health and making you feel better. The BEST! The treatments do not hurt and when she removes the needles I already feel worlds better. Usually I fall asleep on the table. TRY IT!

Posted 04/24/09

Hong Liu Liu is the Best!

By Kat H.

I had one of those coughing colds that everyone had this winter. . .except mine lasted 6 weeks! After being treated by Hong Liu’s expert acupuncture treatments and herbal remedies, my cough, along with body aches, have been resolved!

Posted 01/30/07


By Melissa M.

I have tried traditional Chinese Acupuncture in the past, but when a friend referred me to Hong Liu for stress and related skin conditions, I was quite surprised at the difference in the way traditional Chinese doctors treat patients. Before Hong Liu started her treatment, she took an in-depth medical history and thoughtfully considered a course of treatment tailored specifically for my symptoms. There was no pressure, she answered my questions thoroughly and explained everything to me in a way I could understand. She is very understanding and her treatment was quite effective after not too many sessions. I would recommend Hong Liu to anyone that is looking for a knowledgeable, personable and very talented acupuncturist!

Posted 01/02/07

A Very Brilliant and Compassionate Traditional Chinese Doctor

By Mike M.

I’ve been suffering from a chronic illness for more than 10 years, and I’ve been treated by several traditional Chinese Doctors. Most of them were pretty good, but when I met Hong Liu I knew that I had found the right one. She is quietly spoken and very attentive, and one is quickly assured with the feeling that they are going to get better. She leaves no stone unturned when diagnosing a patients illness, and the medicine is carefully blended to precisely suit the persons needs. She insists on closely monitoring the persons symptoms, and follows up by tailoring the mixture to accommodate the changing symptoms.
She places the needles on exactly the right spot, and the patient knows it.
Whenever she gives me a course of treatment I notice an improvement in my condition.
I’d have no hesitation recommending her for any illness within the scope of traditional Chinese medicine. Meeting her has been one of the great blessings of my life.

Posted 11/01/06

Very nice healing touch

By Long L.

I have been a long term patient of Hong Liu. The illnesses I got treatment for ranged from the mundane; like a reinjured back, to the exotic, like getting stress hives and more recently a chronic cough that would not go away. Treatment usually consists of acupuncture, and herbs if needed.

I very much appreciate Hong Liu’s healing ability, as well as her very logical approach to my health problems. It is quite reassuring to know, especially if I am in such distress from pain, that one treatment will definitely kick start the healing process for me. But more importantly, I can count on the relief from whatever is bothering me afterwards!

Posted 10/13/06